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Important Next Steps Below:

  • 1. Check You Email Inbox

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    Make sure you received it (you may have to check junk mail folders ­čśë

  • 2. Donate to Charity Now!

    Below I have put together a list of local nonprofits that need our help

    Find one that resonates with you and make a $5.00 donation

  • 3. Let Me Know You Donated

    At the bottom of this page, let me know in the comments section what charity you donated to

    This way I can keep track of my $6,000 goal!

  • 4. Spread The Word

    Tell someone about FreeMagazineForCharity.com so they too can join in

    In order for my to hit $6,000 annually, I need as many people to know as possible

Grand Strand Charity Lists:

Click on the image below to be taken to their site to find a charity with a story that resonates with you

Tell Me About Your Donation

Send an email to Sean@BrooksandCompany.net and let me know which Charity you donated to and why their story resonated with you

(this will also help me keep track of how much we are raising together)

Tell Others!

Help me get the word out to as many people as possible!

Send your friends, family, & peers to www.FreeMagazineForCharity.com to join in our efforts to raise $6,000!