Industry Exposed: Real Estate’s Dirty Little Secrets Revealed…

When you hear the name Edward Snowden, what comes to mind?

Whistleblower? Traitor? Patriot?

Regardless what your opinion of him is, there is one thing that is indisputable.

His conviction.

Ironically not in the sense that he is guilty of a criminal offense (in his case it’s espionage).

Instead, I’m talking about his firmly held belief in something.

He believed with so much conviction that what the government was doing was so wrong, he took it upon himself to expose to the public highly classified information about the government’s potentially illegal and unethical global surveillance programs.

His conviction was so strong, he literally risked his life to expose the truth that he felt the public needed to know.

In a way, I can relate to Snowden…

Some call me a whistleblower and praise the work I do.

Others call me a traitor for exposing a real estate industry riddled with greed, manipulation, and malpractice.

I call myself a truth teller and a protector, someone who has taken a stand for what I believe in, and what I know is right.

Ultimately, what you decide to call me is completely up to you…

What I’m about to tell you isn’t classified (although most agents wish it was).

And I won’t be seeking asylum in Russia after telling you.
Like Snowden, I believe with great conviction that it’s my duty to expose the truth, the truth about the real estate industry and all it’s dirty little secrets.

After being in the industry for several years and constantly feeling ashamed of what I saw; the neglect, the abuse, the lies, and innocent buyers and sellers getting hurt…

I couldn’t help but feel I was part of the “madness”.

Not because I was participating in what I was seeing on a daily basis.

But because I was silent.

I was guilty by association. Standing there on the sideline, feeling helpless.

In January of 2016 that all changed.

I could no longer be silent.

I could no longer turn a blind eye.

No longer would I let people think I was guilty by association, because the truth is, I was never “one of them”.

So I turned to the power of the written word to get my message out.

Obviously I’m no Martin Luther King Jr., and I’m certainly not going to win any awards for proper sentence structure. I misspell words, add punctuation where it shouldn’t be, and leave it out often times where it’s suppose to be.

But none of that matters.

The only thing that does?

My message, and the distribution of that message.

My monthly newsletter, weekly email, magazine, articles, podcasts, reports, and more…

As many different platforms I can use to get my message to the masses.

A message of protection, and message of truth, but above all, a message that there is a better way to do business inside this industry.

The purpose of my newsletter this month is to introduce to you a new segment of my message.

I feel it’s my fiduciary responsibility to serve and protect you, and I will go to great lengths to do so.

What I’m about to tell you, most real estate agents consider unimaginable, traitorous, or a cardinal sin…

To expose an industry for what it truly is.

Broken. Riddled with greed, manipulation, and malpractice.

So without further adieu, I introduce to you, “Industry Exposed”.

A new series I’ll be writing about with one goal in mind; to expose all of the real estate industry’s dirty little secrets, so you can protect yourself, and those close to you, so you never have to fall victim to this industry ever again.

Some of you who are reading may refuse to believe the seriousness and severity of this issue.

Some will have experienced agent malpractice first hand. Or have heard horror stories from friends, family, or colleagues.

Others will be shocked and terrified as they discover for the first time just how deep the corruption and deceit runs inside this Broken Industry.

But let me be crystal clear.

I’m not here to scare you, nor bash the character of any individual real estate agent.

There are a lot of really good people in the industry who have simply been lead astray.

I’m here to expose the unethical sales tactics and practices the Guru Syndicate teach to the Low Information Agents who unleash these techniques onto thousands and thousands of innocent buyers and sellers every year.

By exposing them and their tactics, you will be able to spot these unethical practices when they are being used on you next, so you can prevent yourself, or those close to you, from becoming their next victim…

Maybe one day, just maybe, the industry will raise their standards and become more respectable.

But for now, I will continue to fight my fight, to protect you by exposing the industry one truth at a time, one word at a time…