Industry Exposed: Agent Neighborhood Cold Calling Tactic

Just curious, but do you enjoy when someone, especially a salesperson, bothers, pesters, begs, and borederline harrasses you?

I didn’t think so. Me neither.

Then why do so many real estate agents do this?!?

Because they are taught to.

If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ve heard me talk about this, and if you haven’t, then I urge you to stop what you are doing and read my newsletter on this topic, The Guru Syndicate & The Low Information Agent”

Everything I do and say is predicated on The Guru Syndicate, Brokers and Trainers teaching these sleazy and sometimes unethical sales tactics, and The Low Information Agents, their henchmen who go around inflicting these tactics on innocent people like you.

If you’ve followed me then you know that I often expose these Low Information Agents and their tactics to trick people into working with them.

A few weeks ago, a friend and client (let’s call him Glen 😉 reached out to me for advice on how to handle one of these very tactics.

Here’s what he wrote me:

“Hey Sean – hope you are doing well, as are we.

Question:  what is the best response when a homeowner gets a “cold call” from an agent asking if they are interested in listing their home?  This has happened to me a couple of times already.  I just tell them we just bought the property and plan to live here forever.  If there a nice way to say, “gee, if I need a real estate agent, I already know a good one”?

This is a little off-putting because if they cared enough to look into the age of the property they would see it was newly built.  Why would I want to sell it already?!

Perhaps an idea for your next weekly insight.


Well Glen, unfortunately this is a sales tactic taught and encouraged by the Guru Syndicate to their Low Information Henchmen.

Here’s how this annoying tactic works:

Step 1: Buy a list of all the names and phone numbers of all the homeowners in a particular neighborhood.

Step 2: Get canned script and sales pitch from the Guru Syndicate that is designed to manipulate you.

Step 3: Call every homeowner in said neighborhood & use said script to manipulate and force their way into your home for an appointment, just to use ANOTHER canned  and aggressive sales pitch to coerce you into listing your home with them, even though you don’t know a dang thing about them!

Step 4: Rinse & Repeat. Continue until you have run out of neighborhoods, then start over again.

Crazy isn’t it?

But this is legitimately a tactic that the low information agent uses, desperate to make a quick buck.

It’s sad that this is what agents are being taught.

To pester, beg, and harass you for business.

It’s why agents have such a negative reputation, and why I have taken a stand against these agents and their unethical practices.

They are nothing more than salesmen playing the classic “numbers game”.

Me personally, I’d rather bang my head against a wall for 5 hours than to make 5 hours of cold calls a day begging.

I’d rather sit here at Starbucks at noon on a Wednesday crafting this message to you.

Call me old school, call me crazy, but I prefer to play the “relationship game”.

I have more respect for myself, and for you, to succumb to these lowly prospecting tactics.

I believe in the way I do business, and will not stray, regardless of how much money I may be leaving on the table in the short term.

Because while these low info agents can only see 6 inches in front of their faces by playing the “short game”, I’m focusing years down the road, by playing the “long game”.

Have you had this tactic used on you yet? Did you realize this is what was actually happening?

Reach out to me and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, keep on the lookout for Low-Information Agents, they are everywhere.

Ciao for now.