Grand Strand Market Report July 2017

July 2017 Market Report

The Grand Strand’s July market statistics are finally in, but before we discuss, were you able to get a glimpse of the eclipse Monday?!

Most of the Grand Strand was just out of the line of full totality, so I decided to make a day of it and head down to my favorite spot in Pawley’s Island which was just inside the totality line.

What normally is a 25 minute drive from my home in Surfside turned into a 2 hour expedition. Traffic was insane, and there was literally no parking on the entire island.

In the end it was absolutely worth it though. I was shocked when the moon fully eclipsed the sun and I was able to remove the protective glasses… During that 40 seconds I saw the most spectacular and unexpected crystal blue glow around the moon.

It was breathtaking.

Here’s a photo a friend captured that still doesn’t do it justice.

Pretty cool right?

What also is “cool” is our numbers for July. With so many consecutive months we have had red hot numbers, July has cooled of a bit compared to this time last year.

Despite not performing as well as July 2016, single family home sales volume is still up 6.1% year to date, and median sales price is up 4.4% year to date.

You can read in depth statistics about the market, including condos, new construction, and residential lots, by clicking the link below to get the full report from our friends at SiteTech Systems.


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Until next week…

Ciao for now!