Broken Industry: The Guru Syndicate & The Low Information Agent

January 1st, 2016. That marks the day that I made my position clear. The day that I came out publically to stand up against an entire industry.

For a year and a half prior, I had experienced enough malpractice and incompetence, as well as many people who were hurt as a result, and the following is an outline of the major, basic flaws.

I convinced myself that my fiduciary duty to serve you is greater than anything else and I made the decision once and for all.

The time has come to show you exactly what’s broken with the real estate industry; who I am fighting; and from whom I am protecting you.

This may be the most important thing I’ve ever written.

It will give you the foundation and the context of everything I do and everything I say:

Real estate is a massively flawed industry – a “Broken Industry”.

Broken because of what I call “The Guru Syndicate”, a bunch of “preachers” and “teachers” who promote all sort of unethical practices and downright pathetic marketing and prospecting tactics.

Its students? A group of naïve real estate agents who go out on the market and do what they were told to: they beg, harass and unleash these tactics onto the innocent public.

They call themselves real estate agents, but I call them, the “Low-Information Agents”.

If this were a Batman movie, The Guru Syndicate are the Villains, the Low Info-Agents are their henchmen who do all their dirty work, and the Broken Industry is Gotham City.

Like Batman, I too have no superpowers, but have taken a stand to protect you from the Guru Syndicate Villains and their Low Info-Agent Henchmen.

The Guru Syndicate

The Syndicate is mostly made up of “Guru” trainers and coaches that believe in and teach agents unethical and degrading belief systems, and marketing and prospecting tactics.

Some Guru’s have hardly even practiced real estate and some of them haven’t done so in years. Many aren’t even in the real estate industry; they’re in the education industry.

Yet somehow, they are self labeled “leaders” in our industry, and are aimlessly followed (like sheep) by 99% of agents, the Low-Information Agents.

Everything they do is sales-driven. They could care less about the best interest of the client. All they care about is how they can increase transactions and make more money.

They claim success comes from begging and harassing people for business. They preach cold calling for 6 hours every day, to hopefully talk to 10 people, and force your way into 1 appointment…

When that doesn’t work, they tell you to hit the pavement and try door knocking, like a lowly salesmen selling a vacuum or a window cleaner at private residences…

I would rather beat my head against a wall than to degrade myself by cold calling or door knocking complete strangers who want nothing to do with me…

Life is too short to do something you hate or to do something that lowers your self worth.

But the Guru Syndicate brainwashes these Low-Info Agents and encourages them towards these unethical forms of public begging…

The Low-Information Agent

The Low-Information Agents are the 99% of all real estate agents, practicing the Guru Syndicate’s teachings.

They are the Villains’ Henchmen going out on the streets; aimlessly taking orders from the Syndicate and desperately preying upon anyone who has the slightest inkling of buying or selling.

Like a shark sensing blood from miles away, there’s nothing they won’t do to close a sale.

Obeying the Syndicate’s rules, they spend 80% of their time (or more) prospecting for business by memorizing scripts, cold calling, door knocking, working on listing presentations, or pestering friends and family. The other 20% of their time (or less) is focused on actually working with clients or building a real business.

The Low-Info Agent is elusively and eternally searching for that magic pill, that secret sauce that is going to make him rich beyond his wildest dreams, without having to do the hard work and put in the time necessary.

The Guru Syndicate is to blame for this by duping the low-info agent into believing there is such a magic pill or secret sauce.

They dangle this invisible magic pill in front of them, and the low-info agent is too blind to realize it doesn’t exist.

They are the amateur’s that focus on the “short game.” AKA desperately begging for their next client and doing it by whatever means necessary.

Because of this, the Low Info Agent will forever be in the rat race and on the hamster wheel spinning round and round…

The day they wake up and realize they never want to make another cold call or knock on another complete strangers’ door, is the day their business dies.

Because they never took the time to think for themselves, or learn any business or marketing acumen.

They don’t understand that professionals focus on the “long game”; learning how to craft a message and build platforms in which to distribute that message, to create a loyal following and building relationships for years to come.

They are don’t understand content creation, and how to leverage that content 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 a year, forever.

Why is this you ask?

Because they blindly follow the Guru Syndicate’s teachings like sheep.

The Broken Industry

This Broken Industry is just like Gotham City…

Comprised of Villains teaching their Henchmen to wreak havoc on the innocent public, with only a few “good guys” willing to stand up and fight against it.

Riddled with Villains and Goons (Guru Syndicate and Low-Info Agents), who work relentlessly to give this industry such a bad reputation through their greed, corruption, malpractice, incompetence, and utter lack of care toward their clients.

I hope it’s all becoming a bit clearer to you now.

Now you know why this Industry is so broken, and why so many agents do the things they do… Because of the Guru Syndicate.

I am on a mission to make this industry respectable again and, above all, to protect my clients regardless of the costs.

Everything I do, everything I say, and everything I write is predicated on these characters that have created this Broken Industry.

I will continue to expose these malpractices, while also showing everyone that there is another way; a better, more respectable way to do business in this industry.

One that doesn’t involve begging, harassing, scripts, cold calling, knocking on strangers’ doors, etc…

One that is relationship- and client-focused, not sales driven.

There is hope. I am here to do everything I can to show the public that there is a better way and that real estate can be a respectable industry.

I love this quote from a Batman movie, from his butler, Alfred. After Bruce Wayne was beaten down and exhausted from fighting the good fight against the Villains and their Henchmen in Gotham City…

“Endure Mr. Wayne, take it. They’ll hate you for it, but that’s the point of Batman. He can be the outcast; he can make the choice no one else can make, the right choice.”

I may also be an outcast, but it’s the choice I make every single day – the right choice.